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La Tentation de Saint Antoine

Redon, Odilon

La Tentation de Saint Antoine

lithograph on paper

1991 Gift of Gabrielle P. Hubbard in memory of John William Hubbard, Jr.

This lithograph by Odilon Redon is part of a collection of illustrations he produced for Gustave Flaubert's "La Tentation de Saint Antoine" (the Temptation of Saint Anthony). Redon, a symbolist, was inspired by Flaubert and produced three groups of lithographs on the theme "La Tentation de Saint Antione". Symbolists focused on spirituality in their art in a manner that would encourage contemplation and subconscious thought through the use of religious, historical and mythological themes. Redon's lithographs, characterized by looming forms and spots of light against a black background, epitomize the goal of symbolists.