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Triptych West Virginia

Vance, Barry

Triptych West Virginia

oil on masonite

1991 Anonymous Gift

"Triptych West Virginia" consists of three paintings: "Clover Lick" at left, "Valley Head" at center, and "Sugar Grove" at right. Barry Vance's paintings invite the viewer to look closely at details in the landscape -- grazing sheep, road signs, license plates on cars -- that enhance the feeling of small town America. The tree-covered hills and deep valleys in "Triptych West Virginia" are painted in muted, warm autumn colors. The views of West Virginia's landscape portrayed in Vance's paintings can be seen if a traveler chooses to drive along the state's curving mountian roadways instead of the fast-paced interstate. Vance says of his landscapes, "It's from an elevated point of view. . . as you travel through these mountains, you can look down on the landscape from any number of vantage points. . . that's what has always attracted my attention -- the forms and shapes of the land."