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Le Croquet

Tissot, Jacques

Le Croquet

engraving & drypoint on paper

1975 Purchase

Jacques Tissot was a fashionable man who enjoyed the leisurely lifestyle of the upper-class in 19th century France. Tissot's art reflects the life he knew and enjoyed. His favorite subjects were the fashionably dressed women of the upper class. He was a portrait and landscape painter, but he excelled at printmaking. He studied printmaking in England with Seymar Haden. He met and eventually studied with Haden's brother-in-law, James McNeill Whistler, the foremost printmaker of his time. "Le Croquet" is typical of the genre scenes favored by Tissot. It depicts a girl standing left of center, holding a croquet mallet. A small white dog in the foreground and the reclining figures in the background add a sense of depth to the composition. It is rendered with the delicate lines and soft light that characterize Tissot's work and reveal his mastery of the printmaking process.